Andrew Mandula

I am a Coloradian at Rochester Institutue of Technology recieving a Bachelor of Science in Game Design & Development graduating May 2015.
  • Major/Year: Game Design and Development (2015)
  • Username: ajman1101
  • Code Forges:

Alex Mack

I love making and playing video games.
  • Major/Year: Game Design and Development (2015)
  • Username: amm4108
  • Code Forges:

Colin Thompson

I'm a computer science student who is interested in hackathons and open source culture.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2019)
  • Username: AstronautSloth
  • Code Forges:

Alex Wacker

Hosting your bits and bytes
  • Major/Year: Information Technology, Networking And Systems Administration (2017)
  • Username: awmusic12635
  • Code Forges:

Brendan Whitfield

Doing fun things with lights and computers since 2006.
  • Major/Year: New Media Interactive Development (2016)
  • Username: beWhitty
  • Code Forges:

Dan Callahan

Mozillian, F/OSS pragmatist and/or curmudgeon.
  • Major/Year: Geology
  • Username: callahad
  • Code Forges:

Stefan Aleksic

I like hackathons and making cool stuff.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2019)
  • Username: coldsauce
  • Code Forges:

Christian Martin

Front-end/interactive Web Dev
  • Major/Year: New Media Interactive Development (2020)
  • Username: ctmartin
  • Code Forges:

Ian Effendi

Former president of RIT Global Union.
  • Major/Year: Game Design & Development (2020)
  • Username: iae2784
  • Code Forges:

Zach Friss

I enjoy building all things web related. And lacrosse.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2016)
  • Username: Friss
  • Code Forges:

Ian Gilbert

I fix computers
  • Major/Year: Computing Security (2017)
  • Username: swagmaster420
  • Code Forges:

Josh Bicking

Language nut, sysprog nut, netsec nut, fitness nut. In general, a nut.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2019)
  • Username: jibby
  • Code Forges:

Kevin Assogba

FOSS everywhere for a better world!
  • Major/Year: Computing & Information Sciences (2026)
  • Username: 10eMyrT
  • Code Forges:

Liam Middlebrook

I like working on cool software projects that are close to the hardware.
  • Major/Year: Game Development (2017)
  • Username: loothelion
  • Code Forges:

Sam Lucidi

I hack on web services all around the stack. Ask me about Python, AWS, software design and architecture, etc.
  • Major/Year: Software Engineering
  • Username: mansam
  • Code Forges:

Matt Soucy

Former captain of the FOSSBox, works on protocol and backend development

Nikko Williard

Securing your private bits over the Internet.
  • Major/Year: Computing Security (2017)
  • Username: nikkonikko
  • Code Forges:

Nathaniel E. Larrimore

May all your hosts be in the same subnet.
  • Major/Year: Networking & Systems Administration (2020)
  • Username: nlMeminger
  • Code Forges:

Mike Nolan

Truth seeking newsman with a passion for freedom.
  • Major/Year: New Media ID (2015)
  • Username: Nolski
  • Code Forges:

Changbai Li

Makes fun websites, games, and toys.
  • Major/Year: New Media ID (2015)
  • Username: Pickledchicken
  • Code Forges:

Alexander Loz

I like ruby and memes.
  • Major/Year: New Media Design (2019)
  • Username: piedoom / doomy
  • Code Forges:

Ross Delinger

Distributed Systems, C, Python, DevOps
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2016)
  • Username: rossdylan
  • Code Forges:

Ross Bayer

Programming languages are my thing, ask me about Rust!
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2017)
  • Username: rostepher
  • Code Forges:

Ryan Brown

I build automation tools and have done a bit of everything. Ask me about OpenStack, AWS, or DevOps tools.
  • Major/Year: Applied Networking & Systems Administration, minor Software Engineering
  • Username: ryansb
  • Code Forges:

Solomon Rubin

Active FOSS developer, linux user, and power user.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2019)
  • Username: Serubin
  • Code Forges:

Susan Lunn

Systems programming and DevOps are my jam. Women in chapooters.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2018)
  • Username: susan
  • Code Forges:

Nate Levesque

What an LGBTQ+ engineer looks like. FOSS contributor, digital rights advct.
  • Major/Year: Software Engineering (2016)
  • Username: thenaterhood
  • Code Forges:

Ralph Bean

Python hacker and marxist
  • Major/Year: Computer Science
  • Username: threebean
  • Code Forges:

Christopher R Bitler

I am a programmer, I have been for about 7 years now (as of 2016). I was introduced to FOSS by jflory7.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2020)
  • Username: VoidWhisperer
  • Code Forges:

Wilfried Hounyo

I enjoy having new experiences, learning new things, working on cool things and meeting new people.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2019)
  • Username: wilfriedE
  • Code Forges:

Seth Hendrick

I break things with software!

Kennedy Kong

I like doing random things with python
  • Major/Year: Computer Engineering (2013)
  • Username: ziky
  • Code Forges:

Aidan Kahrs

Sysadmin with a passion for Linux and FOSS. Linux user since 2012. Fedoran.
  • Major/Year: Networking and Systems Administration (2018)
  • Username: axk4545
  • Code Forges:


Stephen Jacobs

Professor, School of Interactive Games & Media; Research Affiliate, RIT MAGIC Center
  • Major/Year: N/A
  • Username: RITSteve


Remy DeCausemaker

Defender of the Digital Realm, Gunslinger on the Electronic Frontier. I wear the suit so the hackers don't have to.
  • Major/Year: Multi-Discipinary Studies - Communications & Media Technnology, Public Policy
  • Username: decause
  • Code Forges:

D. Joe

~20 years academic IT support, sometimes Adjunct Faculty, School of Interactive Games & Media.
  • Major/Year: Chemistry
  • Username: dzho / deejoe
  • Code Forges:

Justin W. Flory

Keeping the FOSS flag high since 2013.
  • Major/Year: Networking & Systems Administration B.S. (FOSS-MN + WGST-MN) (2020)
  • Username: jwf
  • Code Forges:


Dylan Warchak

Programmer of things, crafter of sounds.
  • Major/Year: Computing Security (2024)
  • Username: srclord
  • Code Forges:

Olivia A. Gallucci

  • Major/Year: Computing Security (2025)
  • Username: kawedi
  • Code Forges:

Jeffery Russell

RIT CS Student, @RITlug President, FOSS member, blogger, ML researcher, programmer. I enjoy tea, running, and photography.
  • Major/Year: Computer Science (2020/2021)
  • Username: JRtechs
  • Code Forges:

Tim Zabel

RITlug member.
  • Major/Year: (2021)
  • Username: Tjzabel
  • Code Forges:

Kent Reese

I'm a designer and programmer of tasty homecrafted video games.
  • Major/Year: Game Design and Development (2021)
  • Username: whenbellstoll
  • Code Forges:

Ben Goldberg

I ♥ Linux & Rust
  • Major/Year: (2021)
  • Username: zethra
  • Code Forges:
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