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FOSSRIT infrastructure: Get help and make requests

Justin W. Flory - 07 January 2019

Today, the FOSSRIT/infrastructure repository now has ticket templates to help the FOSS@MAGIC community with infrastructure needs. There are four types of tickets to open:

  1. Service disruption: Something is offline or not working
  2. Infrastructure request: Request a new web app or computing resources for projects
  3. General enhancement / improvement: Could something be better? Tell us how.
  4. Other: Anything that doesn’t belong in previous categories

Screenshot of new ticket types to open

If you need help, want to request a new web app, or think something could be better with FOSSRIT infrastructure, let us know! The repository is monitored by FOSS@MAGIC student employees and other community members. If you have questions or have other thoughts, say hello in our IRC channel or Telegram group.


— Justin W. Flory (jwf / jflory7)