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LibreCorps is a FOSS@MAGIC initiative connecting RIT students interested in open source to humanitarian and civic coding opportunities. Specifically, opportunities for Co-Operative Education Placements, a.k.a. Co-Ops (full-time paid internships), that are part of graduation requirements. Students were successfully placed in both technical and community positions with…

LibreCorps students work in two major areas on Co-Ops. The first, not surprisingly, is technology. The second is FOSS process and Community. Many NGO and civic organizations put open-licensed work in repositories without a plan to build and maintain a community of contributors around their technology. LibreCorps worked with UNICEF Innovation this past year to do just that and examples of that work can be found in this presentation and long-term roadmap to do so.

Up until now, LibreCorps runs single instance by single instance. Our three-year plan builds it into an on-going, student-driven, faculty-managed, standing FOSS consultancy program.