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Justin W. Flory, Kennedy Kong, Kevin Assogba, Mark Repka, Nate Levesque, Nicholas Jones, Seth Hendrick, Tim Zabel

TeleIRC bridges communication between Telegram groups and IRC channels. This bot was originally written for the RIT Linux Users Group Telegram group and IRC channel. Today, it is used by communities all over the world. image of TeleIRC Learn More



Aidan Kahrs, Christian Martin, Josh Bicking, Regina Locicero, Tim Zabel

TigerOS is a Fedora Remix that beautifully utilizes Linux to meet the demands of RIT students and faculty.

image of TigerOS Learn More



Brendan Whitfield

Collection of back-end libraries and binaries which can form the bones of laser show GUIs, or creative applications image of LZR Learn More



Wilfried Hounyo

Basic platform that allows you to host your own courses or tutorials image of LearnIt Learn More


Justin W. Flory, Stephen Garabedian, Wilfried Hounyo, Alex Fuerst, Patrick Gormley, Trevor Creed

Pizza-making puzzle game that teaches basic units of measure to children inspired by the Pizza Pass minigame of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis image of PyCut Learn More



David Erbelding, Matt Guerrette

Python 2.7 game developed using Pygame for the OLPC XO laptops image of ZeroQuest Learn More


Alexandria Mack, Liam Middlebrook, Melody, William Russell

Python game for the OLPC XO laptops to teach angle measurements image of AngleGators Learn More



Chris Knepper, Emmix, Lance Laughlin, Mike Nolan, Valeatory, Waterseas, Changbai Li, Eryc Duhart, Jothle12, Kyung

Rocket-themed educational game targeted towards 4th grade students to learn basic arithmetic with fractions image of Fractionauts Learn More



David Wilson, Ian, Jenn Kotler, Ryan

Educational game played on the One Laptop Per Child XO laptop to teach young students how to tell time image of SkyTime Learn More


Kate DuBuisson, Luke Macken, Nathaniel Case, Rebecca Berent, Remy DeCausemaker

Open source public data aggregation framework focused on government transparency by converting raw data into indexable formats image of Learn More


Mark DeMayo, Ariel Zamparini, Ihudiya Ogburu, Fran Rogers, Lorin Petersen, Matt Critelli, Kai Ito, Ryan Videlock, Colin Videlock, Corey Flickenger

Math-based Sudoku-style puzzle game designed for One Laptop per Child XO laptops image of Blocku Learn More


Lemonade Stand

David Wilson, Jenn Kotler, JT Mengel, Justin Lewis, Nathaniel Case, Sarah Wagner, Tatica Leandro

Educational game where player manages a lemonade stand to make as much money as possible; teaches money and fractional math skills to teach basic operations image of Lemonade Stand Learn More

Open Video Chat

Casey DeLorme, Fran Rogers, Justin Lewis, Kevin Granger, Matt Gambogi, Remy DeCausemaker, Taylor Rose

Open source video conferencing Activity for XO laptops. Originally started in March 2010 with funding from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. image of Open Video Chat Learn More

Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter

David Silverman, Eric Kenvin, Jonathan Meschino, Justin Lewis, Kevin Hockey, Mike DeVine, Preston Johnson

Educational game teaching fourth grade mathematics through the guise of a dungeon-styled adventure game image of Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter Learn More