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Find FOSS@MAGIC at Imagine RIT 2019 in MAGIC Spell Studios

Justin W. Flory - 16 April 2019

FOSS@MAGIC is proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s Imagine RIT Creativity and Innovation Center on April 27th, 2019. This year, FOSS@MAGIC will exhibit student projects and build awareness of our initiative and program in the RIT and Rochester communities. Hunaina Abid, Justin W. Flory, Nathaniel Larrimore, and Wilfried Hounyo are participating as student representatives and exhibitors with the support of Prof. Stephen Jacobs and Dr. Joe Anderson.

Meet our projects

Three projects are presented at our booth this year:

  • FOSS Letters
  • Arduino heartbeat sensor
  • Magic Mirror

FOSS Letters

FOSS Letters are four 1 ft. tall letters that spell the word “FOSS” originally created by Nathaniel Larrimore and Kyle Suero. They are illuminated by RGB LED strips. The letter colors are controlled by an open source web interface in front of the display. The web interface is hosted on a Raspberry Pi and publicly accessible to anyone on the Internet. FOSS Letters were created out of the IGME 585 Project in Free and Open Source Software Development class at RIT.

Arduino heartbeat sensor

RIT student Hunaina Abid designed and implemented a heart rate sensor using an Arduino board. Code on the Arduino board integrates the software with the sensor attached to the heart rate detector. The tip of the finger is placed on the sensor, and the heart rate appears in the form of a graph on the screen.

Magic Mirror

MagicMirror is an open source software/hardware project designed by MichMich on GitHub. RIT alumnus Solomon Rubin and current student Nathaniel Larrimore designed and built the mirrors. It consists of an LCD monitor displaying a black screen with white text through a one-way mirror. The text appears to shine through the mirror.

Magic Mirror is a good starting project for people looking to get into Raspberry Pi projects. It requires little prior knowledge about the software or a Raspberry Pi. There is a large contributor community to the MagicMirror project. The community is constantly adding custom plugins for MagicMirror so you can make your MagicMirror look however you like.

Look for us at Imagine!

Find us in the new MAGIC Spell Studios (MSS/071) building in MSS-3110 on April 27th, 2019! Add our exhibit to your Imagine RIT itinerary to plan your day at Imagine.