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Call for Volunteers: Spring 2020

Justin W. Flory - 17 December 2019

Hi FOSS folks! We are looking for volunteers from the RIT community! If you are interested in volunteering with FOSS@MAGIC in the Spring 2020 semester (and at your option, beyond), please fill out this form:

FOSS@MAGIC Spring 2020 volunteer sign-up

Why volunteer with FOSS@MAGIC?

Volunteering with FOSS@MAGIC is a great way to become more engaged with the open source community at RIT and Rochester. Here are some of the benefits of volunteering with FOSS@MAGIC:

  • Get experience working on collaborative projects
  • Learn new skills and improve existing ones you can apply to your career and resume
  • Find creative ways to collaborate between FOSS and other places/clubs you are interested in
  • For hands-on projects, financial assistance for project supplies is available
  • Mentor others in getting involved with FOSS@MAGIC and open source activities at RIT

Volunteering will also give you a deeper look into what FOSS@MAGIC does and some of the key areas we are focusing on. Also, anyone involved at RIT is eligible to volunteer! Students, faculty, staff, and friends of FOSS@RIT are all encouraged to fill out the volunteer sign-up form if interested.

Volunteering opportunities

There are a few different areas we are looking to focus on in 2020:

  • Community building / engagement: People-oriented tasks, like event planning
  • LibreCorps: See website
  • Projects for Imagine 2020: Hands-on projects with a presentation for exhibition booths at community events (e.g. Maker Faire and Imagine RIT)
  • RIT community outreach: Connect with other organizations (e.g. clubs) to connect more people at RIT with FOSS
  • Tech Team: Infrastructure management and administration, some software development, and early access to FOSS@MAGIC technology experiments

If any of these areas sound interesting and you can spend an hour or more a week to help, consider filling out the form!

FOSS@MAGIC Spring 2020 volunteer sign-up

Next steps

This form will remain open until a few weeks in the Spring 2020 semester. We will begin reaching out to respondents no later than the first week of classes next semester. If you have any questions, say hello on the forums!


— Justin W. Flory (jwf)