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Active 2011 - Contributors: Mark DeMayo, Ariel Zamparini, Ihudiya Ogburu, Fran Rogers, Lorin Petersen, Matt Critelli, Kai Ito, Ryan Videlock, Colin Videlock, Corey Flickenger

Blocku is a math-based Sudoku-style puzzle game designed for One Laptop per Child XO laptops.


A math-based Sudoku-style puzzle game. The player is given an answer and they have to complete the puzzle by matching the sides of the blocks together that, following the correct operator (+, -, *, /) will give them the answer.

Blocku is a puzzle game consisting of filling a grid with squares by matching the squares sides by following a constraint. Blocku is a game that can be used by teachers to teach a multitude of subjects to students. The teacher will be able to create a constraint such as match the formula to the answer or A + B = C. Then the teacher makes a list with two columns. Each row in the columns is a pair of of matching objects. The first row of column A matches the first row of column B. Using this formula the game will randomly assign the objects of each column to square blocks, one object per side. The student then has to put all the pieces in a grid so that pairs on the sides of the squares follow the constraint. The student will be able to move the pieces as well as rotate them.

Special Modes

  • Survival: This mode is used through the Quick Play menu. This will allow the student to start with a two tile puzzle and progressively build up to the max amount of tiles.
  • Classroom: This mode is used through the Custom Game menu. This allows students or teachers to setup a custom game and share it with other students. The students go to their neighborhood on their XO and click on the activity to join the game.

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