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Active 2017 - Contributors: Justin W. Flory, Stephen Garabedian, Wilfried Hounyo, Alex Fuerst, Patrick Gormley, Trevor Creed

PyCut is a pizza-making puzzle game made for the IGME-582 final project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This game teaches basic units of measure to children inspired by the Pizza Pass minigame of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (1996).

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Get PyCut

  • Download from SugarLabs
  • Download from GitHub

About the project

This project is a game designed to run on the One Laptop per Child XO laptops. You can find more information about the scope, background, and context of the project on our wiki.

You can also find more information about the project on the SugarLabs wiki. Official downloads for the project are offered from

Building / Playing

For more information on how to build PyCut, see the wiki.

For a pre-built version, you can download an .xo file from

Team members